How to invest in the United States as a foreign investor?

The first step is to work with real estate consultants from a real estate company that knows the local market, in addition to specializing in foreign clients, since the procedures, parameters and processes are different from national clients.


Metropolitan Real Estate Solutions, is a real estate firm created during the recession of 2008 for foreign investors.


Our main objective is to offer a clear scenario of what is a real estate investment in the United States. Covering all expectations is one of the most important and fundamental aspects to maintain a healthy and successful relationship with our customers.


We specialize in international clients, from different countries such as  Venezuela, Mexico, Qatar, UAE, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, among others.


From advising and financial analysis of properties, administration and management, to procedures of bank financing for foreigners and purchase-sale of businesses to qualify for a residential visa.


In addition to having the support of the best accountants, immigration lawyers, and Business Brokers (for those looking to buy a business in the US)


We seek to create lasting relationships with our customers, not just transactions, give the best advice and offer a 5 star service.